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Hey, I want to read that fanfiction! That’s the cool thing about fanfic, you can write different than what’s on the show (even though you might want it to go that way ;) And, I agree. I wonder if he’ll ever come back?
Thanks! Unfortunately I lost the paper I wrote most of the plot points on, so while I really wanna write it it’ll take some time to piece together all I had planned. (I do remember that Jason and Connie were married with kids and they owned and operated Whit’s End together. :D)
And yup, exactly! Fanfiction rocks.
I sure hope so! I mean, I doubt it, seeing as it’s been… 19 years, I think, since he was on the show last? (Not counting I Slap Floor.) But he really is such an awesome character, and not only well-loved as a character but basically all girls I’ve ever met who’ve listened to AiO had a crush on either him, Jason, or both. ^^” But yeah, if he came back? I’d totally be emotionally invested and excited about the show again. I mean, I still listen to and enjoy it, but it’s not something I’m like “I cannot wait to hear new episodes” anymore. If Richard came back? I would NOT STOP talking about how much I’m looking forward to new episodes.
At least they did have Nathan Carlson back as Mandy’s dad, which was nice. More Nathan Carlson is always good. But nothing really measures up to Richard.

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Anonymous asked: " I kinda find solace in the fact that Sams Heaven is his alone - just his own happy memories, things that make him truly happy." Yes and no one "cough" Dean "cough" will make him feel bad for being happy.


I found it really disgusting the second time I watched the dark side of the moon, how Dean gave Sam shit for being happy, like holy shit, who the fuck gives another human being shit for simply being happy??? Like, how far up his own ass was Dean for thinking the world of his younger brother revolves around him, like fuck!

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It’s so painful watching Property Brothers and seeing people have a housing budget of less than $250,000 and be able to actually afford it. I mean, like, around here, you CANNOT find a house (unless it’s a mobile home) for less than $300,000, and most of them are well over 1/2 million and with like the ~*~amazing unaffordable turnkey house~*~ being in the low 400k is just… D:

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today I went to game stop and as soon as I stepped in the guy who was working there said “the princess games are over there, babe” and I turned at him and looked him dead in the eyes and said “I didn’t know workers were supposed to recommend their favorite games when customers walked in.” and someone gasped and then I turned around and walked out

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