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Gotta leave in, like, literally three minutes, but on Tomodachi Life Meg and Warp started dating and then soon after got married and I am calling that ship Dark Masters.

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I know EXACTLY why John didn’t break in Hell.

If you’ll remember Alastair’s rambling during his torture by Dean, he says that John went unbroken on the rack for almost 100 years, which is why Lilith wanted a deal struck with Dean. She knew, as purely twisted as Alastair was, they weren’t getting anywhere with John. There’s a reason for that.

Angels leave bits of themselves (their grace) inside their vessels after they leave them. Cas taking Lucifer’s grace from Sam in Season 7 is proof of that. If you’ll also remember “The Song Remains The Same” in Season 5, John is coerced into being a vessel to save Mary. And the angel that takes him just so happens to be the strongest, toughest, most powerful angelic being ever created by God. Michael even said to Dean that he’d leave John better than when he first took possession, and wipe John’s memory of ANY of those events ever occurring. So John went into his life completely oblivious to those events, but with the ‘betterments’ that Michael had promised. As John aged, he became VERY difficult to contact, commanding, zealously committed to the ‘Plan’ to track Azazel and kill him, not to mention he made decisions without consulting anyone about them. All of those traits and behaviors he picked up from Michael’s grace, which sat inside him for years.

This would save him in Hell. He has the grace of THE archangel within him when he dies, and is taken to suffer the fires and tortures of Perdition. The reason that Alastair couldn’t break John, no matter how hard he tried, is because Michael’s grace was probably all that remained after John’s humanity was stripped away. No matter what any demon could do, they couldn’t break Michael. Lucifer himself survived the deepest pits of Hell for millennia, and anyone who ever mentioned Michael either said (or implied) that he is stronger than Lucifer, and by FAR stronger than anything Luci could create by himself.

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