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I’ve had a basic plan for a three-book Battle Network fic where Mariko & Yuriko switch places with Netto & Saito for years now, but anyway the reason I felt like mentioning it is Mick (aka Cutie mcTsunderePie) is part of the group and I modified his Navi into being Quint and since there’s no Megaman Roll and him are a couple. ^^ (Also, Mariko is the twin who died/turned into a Navi and I named her Jade because it reminded me of Mara Jade and I am a huge dork. ^^”)

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You want to know why Veronica Mars is one of my idols?


Oh, let me count the ways:

She’s incredibly sarcastic



She has a strong friendship with a guy and it never turns sexual or romantic


She’s beautiful


But it’s largely her mind and intuition, her mental abilities that the show focuses on


She’s incredibly strong


And not just physically, emotionally too, dealing with rumours and people talking about her everywhere she went.


But she does break sometimes because she’s a real person



She’s had terrible things happen to her. Her best friend was murdered, her father and her by proxy became pariahs among the community, abandoned by her mum and on top of that date raped at a party and then laughed at by the police who held a grudge regarding her father. 

But the thing is, though those things happened to her, though they break her, she doesn’t let them stop her. She carries on, perhaps harder and more protected than before, but she carries on nonetheless.

She takes no crap, helps those in need, and teaches respect. She is fantastic, she is amazing, and she is a role model.


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post titled “A Supernatural Guide to Angels”:

Lucifer: The only one who was never a douche everyone wants to fuck him or hug him, preferably both



i really hate how people in this effin’ fandom act like Lucifer is cool or nice or some crap. like??? Did you watch the show???

  • He tormented Nick psychologically before appearing to get him to say yes
  • He wanted to destroy the world and kill everybody (that’s a pretty big deal i think???)
  • He killed a ton of people in general
  • He killed Bobby and Cas
  • He beat the crap out of and was going to kill Dean
  • He tormented Sam as well to try and get him to say yes

oh and don’t forget

  • he tortured and raped Sam in the Cage

yeah totally not a douche lol

people in this fandom are the dumbest

thank you

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